You Suck At Piano


Do you suck at piano?  Is there someone you know who just isn’t as good as they say they are?  Do you wish that there was an instructional piano book for adults that pulled no punches, told it like it is, and wasn’t afraid to put you in your place? 

This, my piano flunkies, is your book series.  For all of you people who used to take piano lessons and are thinking of “getting back into it”, You Suck at Piano is your jam.  For those of you who wish you could crank out a simple tune… You Suck at Piano will get you there.

We're following up the original YSAP book with two new books! First we have You Suck at Piano 2: You Still Suck is the intermediate level follow-up book to You Suck at Piano. Like the first volume, it contains 50 arrangements of famous pieces of music, along with irreverent drawings (provided once again by Kevin Nagler!), insults, and head-scratching writings on music. The pieces are harder, and the insults cut deeper.

But I’m equally excited about my other book: 20 Piano Pieces for People with Emotional Problems. This books has 20 pieces that I wrote (!!!) - each one reflective of an emotional problem that you or I probably suffer from. But I’m not making light of our issues - oh no - I’m channeling humor to help us cope with whatever crazy things life has thrown at us.

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"Fact!  Learning to play piano is more complicated than learning to fly a spaceship."

— Dr. Joel Pierson

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