I’m Dr. Joel Pierson, and I’ve made a career out of music and mockery.  I’ve worked with some artists of great repute (New York Philharmonic, Kronos Quartet), and am well steeped in pop culture from working with artists like Wayne Newton and Ke$ha and touring with My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park.  


I’ve performed on all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica), written music for films (including additional music for The Internship with Owen Wilson), and had a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records.  I have a Ph.D in music composition, and was in a band with Father John Misty in high school.  My music has been performed by over 20 major symphony orchestras, and I once sat in with the Saturday Night Live band (I didn’t actually PLAY with the SNL band, I literally just sat with them while they played, in case there was a piano-related emergency.).  I also enjoy performing old cartoon scores for children, but most of all, I’m here to provide tough love about your lack of piano chops.



Joining me is illustrator Kevin Nagler - an artist with such a twisted sense of humor that when I asked him to illustrate Swan Lake, all the swans he drew were dead (and we’re pretty sure it was YOUR bad piano playing that killed them).  And together we are committed to producing the most original, odd, and hilarious piano books ever written. Check his work out in the YSAP books.


Neil Uhl is a graphic designer and professional doodler based in San Francisco. He dropped out of art school in 2012, and went on to be the art director of the San Francisco Symphony. He has also designed for clients such as the University of California, Peet's Coffee, the Chicago Cubs, and the Stonecutters (shh!). Illustrating 20 Piano Pieces for People with Emotional Problems has helped him come to terms with his repressed Witzelsucht syndrome.