You Suck at Piano: A Piano Method Book for Adults - Support on Kickstarter!

For all you piano flunkies, your book is here. Check out You Suck at Piano: A Piano Method Book for Adults on Kickstarter now. Support the project, pre-order the book and get some new piano swag.

I've been brainstorming some wacky, limited-time-only awards to thank you for your help in realizing my vision. For as low as $1 you can participate in the production of this genre-bending piano book. I’m signing books with notes to whomever you choose. Kevin my illustrator will crudely draw you (or someone else) on a cocktail napkin. You can pick up a coffee mug with your favorite composer’s bust on it, or score a sweet “Know Your Composers” poster (full of misinformation and inside jokes).

At the higher levels you can get your face put in the book’s “Piano Wall of Shame”, a comic strip dedicated to your lack of piano skills, or even some face time with Kevin and I. We even have piano keyboards with “You Suck at Piano” engraved on them!

Joel Pierson