Hey Suckers! I’m back! Yes! Instead of spending all that sweet, sweet Kickstarter cash on bubble gum and candy that explodes in your mouth, I took the opportunity YOU helped create to write TWO new ridiculous piano books! And as of today the books are available as part of my new Kickstarter campaign! Come see my new video, now with actors, computer graphics, and less dogs that wander in and out of frame.


And holy crap I’m excited about these books! First we have You Suck at Piano 2: You Still Suck - a follow up book to the original You Suck at Piano. The pieces are harder, and the insults cut deeper. But I’m equally excited about my other book: 20 Piano Pieces for People with Emotional Problems. This books has 20 pieces that I wrote (!!!) - each one reflective of an emotional problem that you or I probably suffer from. But I’m not making light of our issues - oh no - I’m channeling humor to help us cope with whatever crazy things life has thrown at us.

If you missed out on the first Kickstarter, get the book here OR available on AMAZON HERE. And make sure to join the newsletter and follow YSAP socials for the latest news!